Leather Brown Office Chair

As a manufacturer and supplier of leather brown office chairs, we mainly focus on leather materials, pay attention to the stability and comfort of the chairs, design with modern aesthetics as the guide, and pay attention to the matching of product details and the overall office environment.

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Product Description

1. Description of Leather Brown Office Chair

This is a leather brown office chair. Although leather chairs are relatively expensive, their durability and high quality can make them a long-term and worthwhile investment. The material and texture of leather chairs make it look more high-end and high-quality in appearance, and their luster and delicate texture make people feel advanced visual and tactile enjoyment. The high-rebound sponge of the chair is also temperature-sensitive and can gradually adapt to your body curve according to body temperature, providing more personalized support. Including the pressure of the cushion on the legs can also be controlled to a suitable feeling. Chair hardware has high durability and can withstand long-term use without being easily damaged or loosened. This is the core of the quality and safety of the whole chair. This includes the chassis and various connectors. The hardware of the chair is the skeleton of the chair. It is the most important basis for the service life of the chair.


2. Product Details of Leather Brown Office Chair

Product Name: leather brown office chair

​Material: leather​

​Headrest: Headrest for enhanced sitting experience

​Back: Slim profile for space-saving functionality back.

​Seat: Lustrous and frictionless seat pad.

​Base: aluminum alloy base is resistant to bending and warping.

Armrest: Seamless armrest and seat cushion, adapting to body contours.

Gas lift: BIFMA passed 100mm Class 3

Wheel: BIFMA passed 60mm PU casters

​Mechanism: 5-class multi-functional metal mechanism, can be tilted forward 3 degrees (working mode).

​Size: 72*60*106-116cm​ 

Packing: 1pcs/1ctn, strong packing 5 layer carton box with foam box.

Qty in 40HQ: 250PCS


Leather Brown Office Chair


3. Testing of Leather Brown Office Chair

During mechanical component testing, testers also examine the materials used in the component. They evaluate materials for quality and durability to ensure mechanical components can withstand the rigors of everyday use.


Leather Brown Office Chair


4. Production note of Leather Brown Office Chair

1. Experience is the key to improving efficiency. Over time, you will find yourself becoming more proficient and efficient at furniture cutting.

2. Some materials are easy to stretch. Be careful not to twist or deform the fabric when sewing, which may affect the straightness of the line.

3. Make sure that the chair is cleaned before it is boxed to prevent dust, stains or moisture from adhering to the surface of the furniture and affecting the appearance and quality.

4. When skinning, use low-quality or unsuitable gun nails, which may cause the gun nails to break during use, so ensure the quality of the gun nails.

5. Strictly check every process.


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