Genuine Leather Office Chair

A manufacturer specializing in the production and supply of high-quality genuine leather office chairs. It has passed the international standard test. The product design is multi-functional and reclining, and the quality is guaranteed.

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Product Description

Leather Office Chair

1. Description of Genuine Leather Office Chair

This is a genuine leather office chair. S-shaped bionics principle, wrapping design on both sides. This can better support the back and protect the spine. The fabric is made of imported cowhide, and the cowhide is used as the top layer material, which has very good elasticity and toughness. In order to make the chair more durable. Consider the habits of consumers in using the chair. Impact pressure is more important than static pressure. Because people are used to standing upside down chairs. This makes us pay special attention to the support of the chair's feet when making the chair. The material of the chair is brand new plastic. Load bearing can pass via test. This modern office chair is very good looking. With soft and crisp lines. Let people instantly have a high-level sense of their office experience.


2. Product Details of Genuine Leather Office Chair

Product Name: genuine leather office chair

​Material: leather​

Headrest:Padded headrest

​Back: Contoured lumbar support for a healthy spine.

​Seat: Temperature-sensitive material seat for constant comfort.

​Base: 350mm The aluminum alloy base ensures a strong foundation.

Armrest: Curved soft armrest made from lightweight aluminum alloy.

Gas lift: BIFMA passed 100mm Class 3

Wheel: BIFMA passed 60mm PU casters

​Mechanism: 5-class multi-functional metal mechanism, can be tilted forward 3 degrees (working mode).

​Size: 72*61*108-118cm​ 

Packing: 1pcs/1ctn, strong packing 5 layer carton box with foam box.

Qty in 40HQ: 220PCS


Genuine Leather Office Chair


3.​ Testing of Genuine Leather Office Chair

Evaluation of test results: After the test is completed, testers will evaluate whether the chair has passed the strength test based on actual observation and measurement data. Only chairs that pass all load tests with no apparent structural problems are considered acceptable.


Leather Office Chair


4.​ Production Note of Genuine Leather Office Chair

1. According to the design drawings and dimensions of the furniture, arrange the materials reasonably to minimize waste.

2. The stitching methods include straight stitching, flat stitching, overlock, overlock, etc. Different suturing methods are suitable for different materials and suture locations.

3. Before furniture assembly, prepare detailed drawings and instructions.

4. Before skinning, the uneven surface can be sanded or filled.

5. Strictly check every process.


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