Our Factory

We are a modernized factory with a diversified production structure, including finished product workshop, accessories workshop, plastic workshop, and hardware workshop. We take pride in our excellent quality and efficient production capacity, providing customers with a variety of products and solutions.


In our finished product workshop, we have top-notch facilities and a professional team. Cutting, sewing, skinning, assembly, and inspection work together to ensure that every product undergoes rigorous checks to guarantee its quality and durability. We have five efficient production lines, each with its own expertise and division of labor, enabling us to better meet various order requirements. During the peak season, we flexibly allocate resources, allowing different production lines to collaborate and deliver customers' orders more quickly.


In addition to the finished product workshop, our accessories workshop also plays a crucial role. We independently develop and produce various core components, thus enhancing production capacity and reducing costs. This self-sufficiency enables us to better control product quality and provide high-performance accessories to customers.


Our plastic workshop and hardware workshop are also essential parts of our factory. Here, we use advanced production technologies to manufacture various high-quality plastic and hardware products. We are continuously undergoing digital transformation, introducing CNC machines to replace traditional manual machinery, which not only improves labor efficiency and accuracy but also allows us to respond more flexibly to changes in market demand.


In addition to advanced production equipment, we also place great emphasis on the cultivation and development of our employee team. We have a highly skilled and professional workforce, whose skills and experience are crucial to our success. We encourage employees to actively participate in work improvement and innovation, contributing to the continuous progress of the factory.


In our factory, quality is always our top priority. We strictly adhere to the ISO quality management system and continuously improve production processes to ensure that products meet the highest standards. Customer satisfaction is our pursuit, and we strive to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent service.


Thank you for your interest in our factory. Whether you are an existing partner or a new customer, we look forward to working with you to create a better future together!