Leather Conference Room Chairs

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of leather conference room chairs in China, we have launched conference chairs made of leather materials, which add a luxurious atmosphere to the conference space, pay attention to the ergonomic design of the chairs, and provide a comfortable conference experience.

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Product Description

Leather Room Chairs

1. Description of Leather Conference Room Chairs

This is a leather conference room chair. The support of conference chairs is also a factor that cannot be ignored. A good conference chair should be able to support the natural curve of the spine of the employee and prevent the spine from bending or twisting, thus reducing the pressure on the back. The material and manufacture of conference chairs should also conform to the principle of environmental protection. It is a modern corporate responsibility and social concern to choose environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production methods to reduce the impact on the environment. The color of the meeting can have different options. Richer conference chair colors can be matched with different environments. Meeting spaces are now rich in themes. Leather chairs of different colors can be matched with different themes.


2. Product Details of Leather Conference Room Chairs

Product Name: leather conference room chairs

​Material: leather​

​Shape: An anatomically shaped backrest provides excellent lumbar support. inner Shell and high-quality ABS plated black 

​Rack: Constructed from steel, the rack is coated with a polished chrome surface.

Armrest: Aluminium Alloy Frame with high density molded foam.

​Size: 65*56*105​

Packing: 2pcs/1ctn, strong packing 5 layer carton box with foam box.

Qty in 40HQ: 550PCS


Leather Conference Room Chairs


3. Testing of Leather Conference Room Chairs

Testers inspect supplied parts and assemblies for completeness and fit. When assembled, all supplied parts should be intact and match those shown in the assembly instructions.


Leather Conference Room Chairs


4. Production note of Leather Conference Room Chairs

1. When performing crimping seams, the operation must be precise to ensure that the crimping position is accurate, the pattern is clear, and deviations or oblique lines are avoided.

2. You can usually feel the tightness of the material based on experience, or you can gently press the skin with your fingers to feel its tension.

3. Adopt advanced CNC processing equipment to ensure the processing accuracy and consistency of the hardware frame.


Leather Conference Room Chairs



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